Life before children and now

First published on Babyrambles blog, 5th August 2009

I used to be economically active. I miss my financial independence. One day, when I stop having babies I’ll earn some money again. It sounds like I don’t need to work, I do. But working would involve paying for childcare and not many people are going to employ someone who’s 21 weeks pregnant either. Also, I want to bring up my babies myself for some reason, and I often wonder why.

How times have changed. Here is a typical day when I used to work and now:

Then: woken up by alarm, leap into shower, breakfast, into smart clothes, make-up on, nice shoes, nice bag, hair which is brushed, kiss husband, out of house and onto train to London

Now: woken up by one or both children shouting / laughing / crying / getting into our bed or by baby leaping around in tummy. Get into clothes which are stretchy and have vague traces of snot on them. Sort children’s breakfast and cats’ breakfast and try to eat Cheerios before they go soggy.

Then: One meeting out of the way already, catch up with office gossip by coffee machine, deal with 20 zillion e-mails (don’t miss that)

Now: Finally get into shower as 3 year old watches CBeebies and 1 year old has a nap. Deal with text messages from friends about doing soft play or feeding ducks. Make-up on. Possibly. Does it make any difference? Tie hair back in a scrunchie.

Then: Try and eat sandwich at desk while constantly disturbed by phone and people at desk

Now: Try and eat sandwich in kitchen while constantly disturbed by children refusing to eat food/ wanting other food/ throwing food

Then: Manipulate facts and figures to create some ridiculous report my manager has suddenly decided is needed by the end of the day

Now: Manipulate Duplo blocks to create some ridiculous vehicle 3 year old has suddenly decided is needed within five minutes

Then: Leave office, glass of wine with colleagues, train back home, kiss husband, relax

Now: Children’s dinner time fraught with overtired tantrums (and that’s just me), bath time, story time, bed time, collapse in heap time, kiss husband, fall asleep

Then: Reflect that there must be something more fulfilling in life than working. Having children must be it.

Now: Reflect? Too old and tired.


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2 Responses to Life before children and now

  1. Michelle says:

    I can relate as I used to work too, but I would not change being able to stay home

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