Rainbow crochet cushion cover

Rainbow crochet cushionI started to crochet this cushion cover by trying out an Afghan Square pattern I found in my Seventies Good Housekeeping Step by Step Encyclopaedia of Needlecraft charity shop find. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with the Afghan Square other than go through my yarn collection in a sort of rainbow colour order to see what it looked like.

The pattern is mainly treble stitch with two clusters in each corner. Once I’d done a number of colours I decided I quite liked it so I planned to make it into a cushion cover.

Crochet Afghan square

Crochet Afghan square

Crochet Afghan square

Once I’d finished one side (to cover a small 30cm cushion) there was then the question of what to do for the second side. I didn’t fancy doing the same pattern and colours again because I lack patience (not a good trait for crochet). So for the second side I decided to do a pink themed basic granny square. I liked the idea of a contrast between the two sides. And also a basic granny square is the quickest way to cover an area I’ve discovered.

Crochet cushion

Crochet cushion

It was an impromptu cushion cover which adds a bit of colour to the living room. And it’s really cuddly and soft : )

Crochet cushion


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