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What happened when Jane Austen went to soft play

Yester morn, four hours after sunrise, we journeyed our way to a soft play centre. The inclement weather having decreed that we should pursue our day’s entertainment within doors. Upon arrival, lo! Such a din! I vouched I could behold … Continue reading

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Crochet flowers

Along with granny squares, I find crochet flowers addictive to make. They’re also really quick to do. I first saw them on the Attic 24 blog where Lucy has written the pattern for them.

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Granny square crochet cushion cover

I noticed this style of cushion cover earlier in the year and really wanted to make one myself. Then by complete chance I came across this brilliant tutorial on the Wisecraft blog. These granny squares are really simple to make … Continue reading

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Supermarket snobbery

Tamara took an instant dislike to Fay, the girl behind the checkout. Her hair colour was too brash, she had too much eyeliner on and her multi-coloured fingernails were way too long to do anything practical. But then Tamara hadn’t … Continue reading

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Why it’s scientifically impossible for my house to be tidy

First published on Babyrambles blog 16th September 2011 I once read that you can never have all the planes in the world on the ground at the same time because there isn’t enough space in airports for them all. This … Continue reading

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