Granny square crochet cushion cover

crochet granny squareI noticed this style of cushion cover earlier in the year and really wanted to make one myself. Then by complete chance I came across this brilliant tutorial on the Wisecraft blog. These granny squares are really simple to make and I like the way you make them as a circle but they become a square when joined together. Clever.

So over the summer I made my squares. I tried to pick colours from the same palette for each one and edged them all in cream which I decided would be the background colour (the same as the tutorial).

I find one of the most enjoyable part of crocheting granny squares is watching my collection grow:

crochet granny square

crochet granny square

crochet granny square

crochet granny square

So I got to 18 squares and realised I had enough for a small cushion cover (nine squares on each side). Ideally I would have kept going to do a bigger cushion but that would have meant 16 squares on each side or even 25. And I was impatient.

I did have a photo of the stage where I joined the squares but I can’t find it on the computer now. So here is the finished cover:

crochet granny square cushion cover

I also took a photo of the reverse side but I can’t find that at the moment but the picture of all 18 squares should give you an idea of all the colours I used.

I’d like to make another one of these, perhaps bigger. And I’d like to use a more co-ordinated colour scheme too. I also like the idea of using a darker colour for the background. I’d also like to make these into a blanket.

At the moment I’m working on the Granny Square Sampler project, also on the fabulous Wisecraft blog, these are the squares I’ve done so far. I’ve done a few more since then. I’m avoiding using any kind of colour scheme at all with this. I’m just looking forward to a riot of colour so I can’t wait to join them all together. The project started earlier in the year so I’m trying to catch up at the moment.

granny square sampler


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8 Responses to Granny square crochet cushion cover

  1. I love this. I’ve just started knitting a blanket and there’s a huge sense of achievement right after I’ve done every row. Maybe I should take up crochet too…

    • Emily says:

      Good for you Molly, would love to see photos of your blanket. I’ve knitted as well, I prefer crochet because it doesn’t unravel so easily!

  2. moodycrafter says:

    Reblogged this on moodycrafter's Blog and commented:
    I love how you can make these with feally small scraps of yarn,

  3. rwolf20 says:

    hi emily,was jus browsing on here n im new on this site,love looking @ crafts,do you have a how to start to crohet to finish,the square.would love to make this.!!!!! thanks for pics r beautiful.

    • Emily says:

      Thank you! I learnt to crochet using an old book I found in a charity shop : ) But it really helps to watch people do it. There are lots of videos on YouTube to help you get started, try doing a search on there. Maybe one day I’ll manage a write-up on how to learn!

  4. gorgeous, you cant beat a granny square, i have to be careful as I get addicted and before I know it they are everywhere! x

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