Finished granny square sampler crochet blanket

granny square samplerA few months ago I wrote about this granny square sampler afghan project I was working on. It was a crochet-along project which I did a few months after the actual crochet-along had finished. But I liked doing it in my own time and I liked following it as it made me sit down and try lots of new crochet ideas, some of which I would probably have steered away from.

Well I’m proud to say my sampler is finally finished. It’s a bit wonky which is what you’d expect from crocheting lots of different sized squares together. But I quite like the wonkiness of it.

granny square sampler

I also decided not to stick with any colour scheme whatsoever, I wanted to keep it as random as possible. The result is a bit of a colour explosion, but because each square is bordered in cream it’s been kept toned down a little bit.

granny square sampler

granny square sampler

The sampler has given me lots of ideas for future projects. Like most crocheters I often wish I had several pairs of hands so I could make all the things I’m desperate to make.

granny square sampler

granny square sampler

So here’s the final result, I’d say it’s about 1.5m by 1m. I love looking at the colour combinations in it, and I can remember when and how I worked on each square.

The border isn’t very exciting, since finishing it off I’ve seen lots of lovely ideas for crochet blanket borders. I could add some more but I know the more I add to the border the more crinkled and wonky the blanket will get. So I’ll leave it for now and feel happy with what I have : )

granny square sampler


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10 Responses to Finished granny square sampler crochet blanket

  1. Merry says:

    That is lovely, a real work of art 🙂

  2. Nickie says:

    This is gorgeous!!

  3. ydelargy says:

    I love this! I was side tracked into looking at it as the colours and variety of patterns look great. A Granny square gets such bad press and it doesnt deserve it. Well done. Tempted to have a go myself. I like the “wonkiness”…..adds to its charm!

  4. That’s beautiful – love the strong colours

    Have you tried blocking it to see if some of the wonkiness goes away – I tend to do mine by damping it down and then pinning to the rug in our lounge (only got one rug big enough) to dry overnight having pulled it and pinned it into shape – can make a really big difference

    • Emily says:

      Thank you. I have tried blocking, I’m ashamed to say most of this blanket is cheapy acrylic (there is some very nice yarn hidden in there but not much) and I find acrylic doesn’t block as well as wool. Some of the wonkiness is due to uneven stitching and my border technique has accidentally added an increase in each round (I’ve since found a foolproof way of doing a border to avoid this). It’s been a learning exercise!

  5. Kelly says:

    I do really love this, it must feel so fantastic to have it finished. I wanted to do a blanket with squares next but I thought it might be a bit repetitive making the same square over and over so this could be a lot of fun. Maybe something similar next winter.

    • Emily says:

      Thank you, I know what you mean about the repetition. I’m making another blanket now but it’s the same square each time and just a few colours. I make the squares in between making other things just to vary it a bit! I think some of the loveliest crochet has lots of repetition in it, it just requires lots of patience too

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