Making an easy crochet hook holder

crochet hook holderThis is a really easy crochet hook holder which I made recently. It’s a roll up one so it takes up very little space and is easy to fit into a bag and take with you.

I used:
Two pieces of fabric cut to 25cm x 21cm
One piece of fabric cut to 21cm x 15cm
One piece of ribbon about 40cm long

You’ll also need matching thread and a sewing machine (you could make this without a sewing machine but it’s very quick to make with one!).

I used a seam allowance of 1cm throughout

First of all I pressed down one length of the smaller piece of fabric by 1cm and stitched along it. This formed the top of my crochet hook pocket.

Then I pressed 1cm down around the remaining three sides of the pocket to create the seams.

I placed this pocket onto the right side of one of the larger pieces with the seams tucked under as I’d pressed them and pinned it into position. I then stitched around the remaining three sides of the pocket.

Then I stitched the channels for each crochet hook. To do this I measured the hooks I had and sewed channels of varying sizes: 2cm for the larger hooks, 1.5cm for the smaller hooks and 1cm for the very smallest hooks. I created 12 channels in total.

crochet hook holder

I then attached the piece of ribbon to the right side of the other larger piece of fabric, about 3cm in from the left edge.

crochet hook holder

I pinned the two larger pieces of fabric with right sides together and stitched most of the way round all four sides, leaving a gap of about 5cm along one short side so I could turn the fabric the right way out.

I then pressed the holder on both sides when it was the right way out and pressed in the remaining bit of unsewn seam.

Then I top stitched all the way round the edge of the holder.

And here it is!

crochet hook holder

And it rolls up nice and small.

crochet hook holder

I made this for a friend who’s moving away *sob*. I’m going to make one for myself now : )


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