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The Tea Dance – a short story

Entered into a short story competition, didn’t win so I can publish it here : ) All I did was try to buy a pint of milk and the Evening Chronicle. It’s the sort of thing I’ve done every day … Continue reading

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Tamara’s nativity nightmare

A terrible event had occurred in Tamara’s otherwise perfect life. And it was causing her an enormous amount of angst. As she sat waiting outside the headteacher’s office, she realised that most things were suddenly meaningless: her new limited edition … Continue reading

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Hi, I’m the laundry

Hi I’m the laundry. I’m as much a certainty in your life as death and taxes. That’s unless you’re rich and can pay someone else to deal with me. I have an endless and thankless lifecycle: being worn, being washed, … Continue reading

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What happened when Jane Austen went to soft play

Yester morn, four hours after sunrise, we journeyed our way to a soft play centre. The inclement weather having decreed that we should pursue our day’s entertainment within doors. Upon arrival, lo! Such a din! I vouched I could behold … Continue reading

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Supermarket snobbery

Tamara took an instant dislike to Fay, the girl behind the checkout. Her hair colour was too brash, she had too much eyeliner on and her multi-coloured fingernails were way too long to do anything practical. But then Tamara hadn’t … Continue reading

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