Iris paper folding

iris paper foldingI always love discovering a low cost craft. I did iris paper folding recently at a craft group: a few weeks ago I hadn’t even heard of it and now I’m hooked. My first attempt at iris paper folding was rubbish so I’m not even showing you the picture. But I’m quite pleased with this heart.

Iris paper folding involves folding small pieces of paper and sticking them into place to create a layered pattern. You need a bit of patience and lots of sellotape. Continue reading

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What happened in intensive care

First published on Babyrambles blog, 14th December 2011

I’m wearing an oxygen mask and struggling to breath. My lungs feel like broken rocks in my chest. My heart is pounding like the hooves of a galloping horse. People surround me, they put needles and wires in my arms and ask me questions. When did I start to feel unwell? Where is the pain? Can I rank the pain on a scale of 1 to 10?

I tell them 9, with 10 being childbirth. The pain is in my shoulders, back and chest. It’s excruciating, I can’t lie down. I sit propped up in a bed with machines beeping around me in the semi-dark. I can’t move. My brain is on fire. I can feel the heat and hear the crackling of flames raging through my head. Around me I see little statues made out of wire: animals, a ballet dancer. I see faces. They’re on machines and boxes. Cats dart underneath my bed and the curtains. I can see one of my own cats curled up on the floor nearby. Nice of him to visit me in my hour of need. Continue reading

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Tamara’s nativity nightmare

A terrible event had occurred in Tamara’s otherwise perfect life. And it was causing her an enormous amount of angst. As she sat waiting outside the headteacher’s office, she realised that most things were suddenly meaningless: her new limited edition Ugg boots, her husband’s £35,000 Christmas bonus and her new £2,000 double range oven. All of it meant nothing. Even the latest Boden catalogue which had arrived in the post that morning had failed to lift her spirits.

The headteacher, Mrs McCarthy, tried hard to mask her lack of enthusiasm as she asked Tamara to come into her office. Tamara was a regular visitor. Mrs McCarthy did her best to forget about all the useful things she could otherwise be doing that morning, fixed a smile on her face and asked what the problem was. Continue reading

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Crocheted Granny Square Sampler project

Granny square samplerThis is something I’ve been working on for the past month. It’s a brilliant project I found on the Wisecraft blog – the Granny Square Sampler Afghan project. It’s a crochet-along project which started much earlier in the year and I’m playing catch up.

I love this project because I have a slight obsession with granny squares at the moment, and following this makes you learn different ones as you go along. I’ve liked all of them so far and not found them too tricky. I’m currently on week 9 which is a gorgeous three dimensional flower square and it’s my favourite so far.

I’m purposefully not following any colour scheme but keeping it all as random as possible. So it’s a bit of a colour explosion and not very co-ordinated. I’m finding that not thinking about the colours too much is helping me find some surprise combinations which work well together.

These photos show the progress, I think I’m about halfway through now. Continue reading

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Hi, I’m the laundry

laundryHi I’m the laundry. I’m as much a certainty in your life as death and taxes. That’s unless you’re rich and can pay someone else to deal with me.

I have an endless and thankless lifecycle: being worn, being washed, being dried, being ironed (if you’re particular) and being put away before being got out again and worn again and so on. It doesn’t matter what else is going on in your life, I need to be dealt with otherwise people start running out of socks or have to wear their least favourite pants and blame you for it. Continue reading

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What happened when Jane Austen went to soft play

Jane AustenYester morn, four hours after sunrise, we journeyed our way to a soft play centre. The inclement weather having decreed that we should pursue our day’s entertainment within doors. Upon arrival, lo! Such a din! I vouched I could behold each and every infant and child of the parish within the soft play facility.

A young dark-haired woman, who I determined to be of between 19 and 20 years of age, informed us our payment should be lower as this very day was Two Quid Tuesday. Once we had relieved ourselves of six pound sterling we were granted entry to the premises. Within a short period of time my young charges had discarded their footwear and were availing themselves of the most extensive range of padded play equipment. Continue reading

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Crochet flowers

crochet flowersAlong with granny squares, I find crochet flowers addictive to make. They’re also really quick to do. I first saw them on the Attic 24 blog where Lucy has written the pattern for them. Continue reading

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