What I’ve been making: bags

I’ve developed an obsession for making bags recently. I’m not sure why but I’m thinking a bag is something you can make for someone as a gift. I’ve been trying out a few different types and, who knows, come Christmas time everyone I know will be receiving a handmade bag.

First of all I made this small bag. The material and pattern came with the Cath Kidston book  Sew! so it was quite easy to put together apart from the rouleau buttonhole. The fabric supplied was way too small and the fabric too prone to fraying to make the rouleau successfully so I had to use a piece of ribbon instead. I’ve sewn quite a few things from the Cath Kidston sewing and patching books but I get the feeling the instructions haven’t been properly tested out. The same feeling you get with some cook books when you suspect no one has tested out the recipe.

cath kidston bag Continue reading

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Making an easy crochet hook holder

crochet hook holderThis is a really easy crochet hook holder which I made recently. It’s a roll up one so it takes up very little space and is easy to fit into a bag and take with you.

I used:
Two pieces of fabric cut to 25cm x 21cm
One piece of fabric cut to 21cm x 15cm
One piece of ribbon about 40cm long

You’ll also need matching thread and a sewing machine (you could make this without a sewing machine but it’s very quick to make with one!). Continue reading

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The Tea Dance – a short story

Entered into a short story competition, didn’t win so I can publish it here : )

All I did was try to buy a pint of milk and the Evening Chronicle. It’s the sort of thing I’ve done every day for years and years. But the shopkeeper was hostile with me. Perhaps it was because I didn’t have any money.

I thought I had my handbag with me but when I looked around I couldn’t see it. And then someone told me I was wearing my slippers. Well that didn’t matter too much because at least I’d remembered to put on my coat.

Because I didn’t have my money with me the shopkeeper made a phone call. She kept looking at me in a way I didn’t like. And so did the other people in the shop so that was why I left the shop. I don’t understand why people are so rude and grumpy these days. It used to be different. The shopkeeper used to know my name. Continue reading

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Finished granny square sampler crochet blanket

granny square samplerA few months ago I wrote about this granny square sampler afghan project I was working on. It was a crochet-along project which I did a few months after the actual crochet-along had finished. But I liked doing it in my own time and I liked following it as it made me sit down and try lots of new crochet ideas, some of which I would probably have steered away from. Continue reading

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Crochet Valentine hearts

crochet valentine heartsIt’s the week for making for Valentine hearts so I thought I’d crochet these cute little  hearts (you can find the pattern Teeny Tiny Hearts on Ravelry).

They’re really quick to make and aren’t for anyone in particular, I just thought I’d hang them somewhere in the house. As I’m writing this it’s snowing outside so these little hearts are brightening up my day.

And with a few more days to go until Valentine’s Day I have some time to make some more : ) Continue reading

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Flower motif granny square

granny square flower motifI came across this granny square and really liked its floral look, but I couldn’t find a pattern for it. So I pinned it on Pinterest and then tried to work out the pattern myself. I don’t know if what I’ve come up with is exactly the same but it looks similar to the picture I found so I’m happy.

Here’s the pattern if you’d like to give it a go. Looking at the square now, I wish I’d used a different colour for the first round – to create a flower centre. I’ll try that next time I make it. I think you could make a lovely afghan blanket with lots of these, maybe mixed in with some granny squares of different designs or sizes. I think subtle colours would look lovely too, I picked some very bold ones for mine. Continue reading

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Crochet hats

crochet hatI’ve been wanting to crochet a hat for a while and when I saw this hat pattern on Attic24 I decided to give it a go. It coincided with a £10 loyalty voucher I earnt at my local yarn shop for spending lots of money there and that meant I could buy some decent yarn for the hat too.

I made my hat in Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino, olive colour.

Continue reading

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